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Contemporary Dance Workshops

by Jovi

Contemporary dancing often seems to require advanced skills. My workshops make it accessible to good dancers as much as beginners.


Contemporary dancing is a quite comprehensive discipline as it is at the crossroads of many different dance styles such as classical ballet but also modern dances and even jazz…


My contemporary dance classes always consists in  a good warm up of the full body, followed by some dance exercises on the floor and across the floor. You will then engage in different choreographies that will give you very fast the opportunity to bring your own expression and performance.  


Come join the flow and initiate yourself to a unique art of expression!

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26th and 27th 2020

Rythme & Soul Dance Studio

241 Rue de Beggen / Luxembourg-Beggen


Dates TBD

Rythme & Soul Dance Studio

241 Rue de Beggen / Luxembourg-Beggen

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What people say...


Contemporary dancing is a very specific discipline. I am very grateful to Jovi for initiating me!


I definitely recommend this workshop! Nice and skilled teacher. Thanks Jovi!


I love Contemporary dancing as much as I love the teacher... Thanks Jovi!

Contemporary Dance Classes Luxembourg

by Jovi Dance Studio

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